Welcome to the TRAPS Lab

In the Translational Research to Advance Pain Science (TRAPS) Laboratory, we utilize a social neuroscience framework to help guide understanding of the mechanisms that influence pain and disparities therein.

Ultimately, the goal of our research is to increase awareness of the influence of social factors on pain physiology, perception, and treatment responses. This knowledge may encourage other researchers, clinicians, and policymakers to consider how social factors affect pain and move beyond a view of disparities in pain and its treatment as intractable or inevitable.


Take Care of Each Other: A Conversation with Dr. Burel Goodin (Links to an external site)

Take Care of Each Other: A Conversation with Dr. Burel Goodin
Dr. Burel Goodin discusses how his experience watching football players recover from injuries sparked his interest in pain, and how he started researching the many factor that impact someone’s experience with pain and recovery. Dr. Goodin discusses his research as it relates to how health disparities and health inequities impact how people feel and manage pain.